•  Summer Internship Programs (LISS and SIP) from 28 June until 8 August 2015
Internship Program offers a practical opportunity for students to gain professional knowledge of their chosen field, learn or improve Lithuanian language skills and get to know the modern Lithuania.

World Lithuanians and anyone interested in the southern-most Baltic country may apply. Students who successfully end their internship and defend the final project are awarded 6 academic credits (ECTS).

Until now, VMU oversaw the Lithuanian International Student Services (LISS) internship program in collaboration with the Lithuanian American Community. In five years of LISS activities, almost 200 young people from the U.S. and Canada came to Lithuania to do internship.

The initiative has expanded to include participants from all over the world: the World Lithuanian University invites students from any foreign country to apply (Summer Internship Program (SIP)). The participants are not required to speak Lithuanian or have Lithuanian origin: anyone interested in this country and looking for a useful way to spend summer is welcome.

The length of the student internship is six weeks (from 28 June until 8 August 2015). The participants will first attend events of the introductory days at VMU, which includes the university professors’ lectures on current affairs of Lithuania, Lithuanian language courses and a special cultural introductory program.

Internship placements for the students are provided based on their chosen fields. Opportunities are offered to do internship at workplaces or institutions which are social partners of VMU, including Kaunas city municipality, medical institutions, museums and NGOs.

The registration fee is EUR 350. Accommodation is provided at the VMU Dormitory No. 2 (Vytauto pr. 71, Kaunas). Registration deadline is 21 March 2015.



  • Introductory Summer Course

The goal of the Introductory Summer Course (former "Refresh in Lithuania" program) is to unite people of Lithuanian origin living abroad, to restore their connection to their homeland and to introduce them to the Lithuania of today. The course seek to nurture the future leaders of Lithuanian Diaspora youth who would be able to gather up a circle of active people of Lithuanian descent both beside themselves and inside their communities. VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute launched the program in order to assemble young and diligent Diaspora Lithuanians who want to not only strengthen their connection to Lithuania, but also to find their place in the Lithuanian research and labour market. 

The course program is focused mostly on the history of Lithuania and the analysis of the political, economic, cultural and social situation in the country. 

The contact person is Ms Sigita Žemaitytė,

In the annual Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course, foreign students are invited to improve their knowledge of the Lithuanian language, learn grammar, become familiar with Lithuanian culture, society, traditions, politics and history. In 2014 the course was organized for the 16th time by the VMU Faculty of Humanities. 

Every year, a large group of guests from Europe, USA and even Australia and East Asia come here to learn Lithuanian and have fun in the summer course for one month. In 2014, nearly 70 students from 24 countries participated in the course.

More details related to the course can be found on the website . The contact person is Ms Jurgita Pilypaitytė,