• 2016 Summer Internship Programme (SIP) Registration Now Open

    Vas 1, 2016

    Youths from anywhere in the world are invited to register for Summer Internship Programme (SIP).  SIP  online registration  is now open, the deadline is 15 March, 2016.

  • International Students to Do Summer Internships at VMU

    Bir 29, 2015

    On 29 June – 7 August, VMU will be organising two internship programs, LISS and SIP, which will draw in a large crowd of youths from all over the world. This year’s participants of the Summer Internship Program (SIP) are 16 students from Gabon, Spain, South Korea, France, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany.

  • Academic Cooperation: Another Weapon to Support Ukraine

    Vas 17, 2015

    “With the help of our closest friends, who have always been Poland and Lithuania, we can win and stand against the Russian aggression”, claims Ihor Kotsan, Rector of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University. Together with other representatives of Ukrainian, Polish and Lithuanian universities, Kotsan established a joint international consortium of universities at VMU on Thursday.

  • SoMu Students on Autumn Semester: ‘It Was an Adventure’

    Sau 13, 2015

    At the beginning of the New Year, people usually review the things they have gone through in the past and the things that are waiting for them in the future. Even though the SoMus, the students of the international joint-degree master study programme Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism , are on holiday, they found some time to share their memories about the autumn semester and their expectations for 2015.

  • VMU Extends Heartfelt Sympathies to France

    Sau 13, 2015

    Joining the worldwide display of support for France, Vytautas Magnus University has extended its heartfelt sympathies to the country, which was recently shaken by horrible atrocities.